• Umbrellas of Kyoto, Japan / Luke Zeme / CC BY-NC-SA; https://flic.kr/p/dqotD4

Theme details and updates

Theme details and updates

The following sixteen themes define the framework of the WAC-8 Kyoto Meeting. Click on the title of each theme to see abstracts. See guidelines and form for session proposals here.

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Theme list

T01. Archaeology and Development
T02. Politics

T03. Post-colonial Experiences, Archaeological Practice and Indigenous Archaeologies

T04. Archaeological Ethics: Where Are We Now?

T05. Comparative Archaeologies in the Globalized World

T06. Regional Archaeologies in the Globalised World

T07. Education: Learning and Unlearning

T08. The Public, Heritage and Museums

T09. Theory for the Future

T10. Science and Archaeology

T11. Religion and Spirituality

T12. Interactions

T13. The Archaeology of Disaster: Exploring the Past for the Future

T14. Art and Archaeology

T15. War and Conflict

T16. Other important topics: understanding and explaining the past