Pre tour:

SOLD OUT Pre-tour: Shodoshima


Course: 26th: Workshops-1 / 27th: Workshops-2 / Participate in the Pre-symposium / 28th: Travel along an old sea route
Meeting time / place: 26th August, 8:40am / Shin-Osaka station
Transportation: Bus and Charter ship
Date & Time: 26th Aug 8:40am – 28th Aug 5:00pm (Three Days and Two Nights)
Cost: Free of charge for WAC8 participants
Leader (Contact): Yoshimi Kawashukuda (ykawashu(at)
Passenger capacity: 80 (First come, first served)

About shodoshima風景

Let’s consider the future of Shodoshima along with the islanders while watching their activities and admiring the island’s natural landscape.
We have been conducting academic research and holding symposiums on Shodoshima with local residents to examine how we should utilize the island’s remaining cultural heritage, and what kind of “Knowledge” and “Technology” should be preserved for the future. This excursion introduces the current situation on Shodoshima, its history, along with details of how cultural heritage was been utilized in previously-approached activities, and also provides an opportunity for participants to look into the cultural heritage and people’s future on Shodoshima.


26th August (Friday)

  • 8:40am Meet at Shin Osaka station >> Bus >> Charter Ship >> Arrive on Shodoshima
  • Visit Kankakei gorge: All participants will visit Kankakei gorge, where they will learn about its impressive landscape, environment and geology.
  • On-island workshops
  • Stay at private resident or Japanese style dormitory on Shodoshima

27th August (Saturday)

  • On-island workshops
  • Participate in the Pre-symposium
    • Stay at private resident or Japanese style dormitory on Shodoshima

28th August (Sunday)

  • 7:00am Depart from Kusakabe Port on Shodoshima by charter ship
  • Travel along an old sea route, previously used as a route of mass transportation in modern times
  • 3:30pm Arrive in Kyoto. End of the tour.

Note: there’s a possibility that the schedule may be modified.

Contents of On-island workshop:
You need to choose one out of four optional courses. You will take part in your chosen course on both the late afternoon of 26th and the morning of 27th.

中山(ソーメン)Course A:
Experiencing rural intangible heritage/hand-making sōmen noodles around the Nakayama area





醤の郷2(醤油蔵)Course B:

Culinary landscape: visiting historic locations of soy sauce production around the Umaki, Nouma and Yasuda areas





石3(石割実験)Course C:

Archaeology of stonework: visiting historic quarries around the Iwagatani and Fukuda areas




Course D:

The island’s geological features and fishing tradition around the Kōnoura and Fukuda areas






You need to choose private resident or Japanese style dormitory to stay.

Participation fees: 

Wac-8 Participants can join for free by donations and cooperation of companies and Shodoshima residents.

The excursion covers all the transportation costs from the 26th (Shin Osaka station) to the 28th (Kyoto), the cost of lunch/dinner/accommodation on the 26th, the cost of breakfast/lunch/dinner/accommodation on the 27th, and the cost of breakfast/lunch on the 28th.

Note: there are cases where this tour will be cancelled due to inclement weather such as strong winds.

Application period for the excursion participation:

Until 30th June (We will stop accepting applications once all the places have been taken.)

Contact: shodoshimawac8pre(at)