• Nijo Castle - Great Eastern Gate / Peter Lee / CC BY-NC-SA; https://flic.kr/p/8kY3pD

An international symposium on world archaeology and WAC-8 held on 19th Sept

The international symposium “The Current Trends and Issues in World Archeology”, supported by the Kyoto University Foundation, was held at the Faculty of Letters of Kyoto University on 19th September 2015. In the symposium, Katsuyuki Okamura of Osaka City Cultural Properties Association and the four Officers of WAC, Koji Mizoguchi (President), Anne Pyburn (Vice President), Dru McGill (Treasurer) and Akira Matsuda (Secretary), delivered talks about issues in world archaeology and their hopes for WAC-8. The speakers and participants in the symposium then discussed the challenges of WAC and expectations from WAC-8.